Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Skating Annie ClipArt

Skating Annie Clip Art.
Can you skate ? I can't - ......
weak ankles and too chicken !!
LOL but Annie makes it look fun doesn't she ?
I'be so so bruised up if I even tried skating
that no one would recognize me.

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You can purchase Annie in the shop by clicking on the image above
or clicking here: Crafty Delight

But Is not Annie just cute, cute, cute ?
And we know she is not going to fall and go boom ~ -
she's perfect for layouts, quick pages, brag books etc.

Skating Annie comes in one image file
but there are 3 different formats all together.
Gif, Png and pspimage.

Thanks for looking !

P.s. See you tomorrow with more items -
I am about ready to fall off my chair here.
When it hit - it hit hard.

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